Modi friend Ramdev says Mamata is fite to be Prime Minister

New Delhi: Yoga guru Baba Ramdev, considered a close confidant of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Saturday lauded West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, saying that she had enough credential to become Prime Minister.

"There should not be any question regarding her credibility in politics. If son of a chai-wala could become Prime Minister, Mamataji could also become Prime Minister," Ramdev told reporters.

"In politics, Mamataji is the symbol of honesty and simplicity. I love her simplicity. She wears chappals and ordinary saris. I believe she does not have black money," he said.

"Once during my visit to West Bengal, when Left Front was in power, I had said the Leftists should go and Mamataji should come to power. And exactly it happened thereafter," he said.

Despite Banerjees staunch opposition to demonetisation, which he supports, Ramdev appeared soft on her when he said the TMC supremo was actually against the procedure by Manmohan Singh, who had never spoken a word on any issue, had actually spoken now on the issue.

"This is the effect of demonetisation you see," he quipped.

Ramdev called on West Bengal Governor K N Tripathi at Raj Bhavan and termed it as a courtesy call. (PTI)