Modi gave 445 speeches in 41 months, Manmohan's 1401 in 10 yrs

NEW DELHI, Oct 24: Everyone knows that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a wonderful orator and his speeches are highly captivating. His speeches are adorned with popular one-liners and anecdotes and because of these factors in India as well as abroad Modi speecehs are highly popular.

And the prime minister also has a knack for speaking. It would be interesting to know that in the capacity of the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has already given 775 speeches. Now compare this with former PM Manmohan Singh. Whereas PM Modi has given 775 speeches in last 41 months former PM Manmohan Singh has given 1401 speeches in his 10 year tenure.

Almost 116 of these 775 speeches of Modi were given on foreign shores.