Modi lauds Salim-Sulaiman's patriotic song

Mumbai, Aug 15 (IANS) Prime Minister Narendra Modi has praised composer duo Salim-Sulaiman Merchant for composing a patriotic song titled "Mera desh hi dharam" on the occasion of Indias 71st Independence Day. The song is a dedication to the Indian Armed Forces. Modi on Tuesday tweeted: "Lovely rendition Salim Merchant bhai and Sulaiman Bhai. You convey a very strong message through the video 'Mera desh hi dharam'." On Monday, when the song was published on YouTube, Salim had tweeted: "I am an Indian. 'Mera desh hi dharam'. Thank you Narendra Modi ji for the inception of this song." The lyrics of the track were penned by Sandeep Srivastava.