Modi Matters: After 14 years, Indian leader stands in 1st row at G-20 meet

Hangzhou: The photo session of the world leaders at the G-20 conveyed a story. This story was about the growing global stature of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Most of us missed the fact that PM Modi was standing in first row. This, according to a Chinese expert, reflects the increasing influence of India and the Indian Prime Minister.

According to Professor Wong of Beijing's Renmin University, the Chinese officials had positioned the world leaders in line with their stature and global standing. Experts also analyse this as recognition of India as an emerging economic and political power by China.

It is after 14 years that an Indian leader got a chance to stand in the first row. It happened for the first time in 2002, when India PM stood in the first row as a host. In 2015 Turkey summit,  Modi was standing in the second row, while in 2012 at Mexico meet Manmohan Singh too got a place in the second row.

News24 Bureau