Modi taught me what not to do after 2014 elections: Rahul ...VIDEO

New Delhi, Dec 11: Congress President Rahul Gandhi said that the rout of Congress in 2014 was the "best thing" to have happened to him. Rahul said  that PM Narendra Modi taught him a lesson that helped Congress in winning the assembly elections this year.        “I was telling my mother that the absolute best thing for me was the 2014 election. I learnt a lot from that election. I learnt that the most important thing is humility," said Rahul."Frankly, Narendra Modi taught me the lesson - what not to do," remarked Rahul.  "PM Modi was handed a huge opportunity. It is a sad thing that he refused to listen to the heartbeat of the country. The arrogance came in," confident sounding Rahul.

Upbeat after assembly election results, Congress President Rahul Gandhi launched a scathing attack on PM Narendra Modi saying that PM is in a "paralysed state" has no clue on how to react to the various issues being raised by the opposition. Rahul again called Pm "corrupt" with regard to the Rafale deal."PM is in a paralysed mode. He is unable to respond to opposition attack on job creation, corruption and economic mismanagement," said Rahul"PM was elected on issues of corruption, jobs and farmers. That image among voters has vanished. Now people realise that PM is corrupt. There was corruption in Rafale," he added.Observing that the Assembly election results in five states were a referendum on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday said opposition parties will unitedly fight and defeat the BJP in 2019 elections with the central themes being unemployment, agrarian distress and corruption.Addressing the media here after Congress emerged winner in Chhattisgarh and inching closer to victory in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, Gandhi said the people's disenchantment over Modi's failure to deliver on his promises was palpable across the country."What was promised by Modi has not been delivered...that question does arise. The feeling among the people across India is that Modi and his government have failed in delivering the promises they made," Gandhi said."I think there are serious questions being asked about the future of our youngsters, the central question is how does our country give jobs to millions and millions of youth?"Prime Minister Modi has promised to give jobs but he has failed to deliver that. The feeling is similar among the farmers who have a disenchantment about how they are going to survive," he said.He also exuded confidence that a united opposition would defeat Modi and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections."A resurgent Congress combined with opposition... It will be very difficult for Modi and the BJP to win the 2019 elections. The clear message to PM and BJP is that the country is not happy with demonetisation, with GST, lack of jobs," said Gandhi.He said the central issues in the 2019 poll battle will be unemployment and agrarian crisis."The opposition is strongly united and we will unitedly contest against the BJP," he added.

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