Mom reveals Priyanka's BIG BIG secret!

Mumbai: She is like her daughter, blunt and bindaas. She is Madhu Chopra, mother of Priyanka Chopra. Breaking her silence on the skirt controversy that erupted after Priyanka Chopra met PM Narendra Modi in Chopra.    

After being trolled for her choice of dress Priyanka had taken on the trolls by posting a picture with her mother, both in shorts. But, mom had remained silent.

Now, it is mom's turn to strike at her duahter's trolls. " Her neckline was right up to her jaw, her hands were covered. They met in the lobby before she was to go for a Baywatch promotional event. She couldn’t have pleaded with the PM to give her two minutes so that she could wear a sari," said Madhu Chopra.

Priyanka's mom went to say that the PM and his team had no problems with Priyanka's dress. "He and his team had no problem. In fact, we got an official communication from the protocol officer later that the PM had no issue with it. But the trolls on social media diluted the whole intent of the meeting," the angry mother added.