Monica Dogra had fun collaborating with Resh

Mumbai: Singer-actress Monica Dogra has collaborated with Malaysian artiste Resh for his single titled "Trouble". She says she had fun experimenting with a pure pop sound.

The emotionally charged ballad is the third single from "Who Am I". 

Monica said in a statement: "Experimenting with a pure pop sound is something I have never done before. I had fun! I think I learn something new about myself through these collaborations. I thrive on experimentation and reinvention. 

"I'm really interested in bridging the gap between India and other Southeast Asian countries. Hopefully now, Indian audiences will become better acquainted with what's happening in our neighbouring countries, and vice versa."

The track is produced by Jim Beanz of Sunset Entertainment Group.

Resh said: "I'm thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with Monica Dogra on this track. The possibilities are endless as music transcends all borders."

The single comes with an accompanying music video which is directed by Resh himself and was filmed in India and Malaysia.