More Mumbai men than women order food online

Mumbai: Did you think women often opt to order food online to evade entering the kitchen? Well, that does not seem to stand true for Mumbaikars at least, a new survey indicates. Holachef, a Mumbai-based online curated food delivery service, conducted a survey to understand food ordering online trends and demands of the city. And results show that a number of Mumbai men than women order food online. The survey was done between April 2015 to March 2016, and the results of the data are based on analysis of 525,460 food orders from 184,072 users -- of which 44.9 per cent (around 82,648) were men and 55.1 percent (101, 424) women.  According to the study, though the number of men was less as compared to women, 57 percent of men prefer to order food online and 43 percent of female users order food online.  Men might be ordering more, but women spend more. Women tend to order food amounting to Rs 360 per order while men spend Rs 270 per order.  The survey also reveals that Mumbaikars enjoy experimenting with food choices for lunch but let nothing come in the way of her/him and 'desi' food options when it comes to dinner.  Another pattern that came out with the study was that the people of the city prefer to stay away from the kitchen for the most part of the week.