Morning Sex is even better: Karan Johar


O Lord! We can only imagine you as those pure and virginal fairies err ladies that you depict in your movies, K-Jo!! What have you hurled out!!!! Its got to be the height of unfilterness!! You're a daddy, your children will read this someday! 


When asked in an interview about the concept of morning sex, his answer was: 


Day sex is great, especially when it’s on holiday. Morning sex is even better if you can bear the person spending the night with you. 9/10 times I can’t. But eventually, it’s all about lights off. And you know, the worst is when you’re in the beat of it and in hotels, you don’t know where the switches are. In your bedroom, you’re fine because you’re equipped to know exactly where what is but in hotel rooms it’s complicated because there are so many switches! So by the time you’re in the throngs of ecstasy and you’re pressing and prodding all over the place, the mojo is dead. The lights are off but the mojo is dead. It defeats the purpose. Which is why I prepare myself. I put off most of the lights, then I welcome the guest. And then I perform.


This one's a tall glass to swallow, err digest err well, just let it be!