Mother plays villain in Bipasha-Karan's love

Karan Singh Grover and Bipasha Basu's relationship has not been hidden either from the eyes of the world or from media. Their relation has asserted many rumors in the past and has marked a place where there is no turning back. They have been dating each other for past few years and their relationship has almost been in the controversy whether its regarding their images being posted on Twitter and Instagram or KSG's divorce with Jennifer Winget.


After putting a full stop on all these rumors, the new rumor which is being highlighted is the non-approval of their families for their marriage. Both the families are not at all happy with their decision of getting married to each other. According to the reports Bipasha's mother has instructed her to stay away from Karan. She doesn't want her to be with him anymore as the TV actor has married/divorced twice already.


Earlier, he was married to Shradha Nigam and Jennifer Winget, but Bipasha seems to be really casual about her mother's statement without paying any attention to it as she planned a nice outing with Karan and her friends and had dinner with all of them which included her fitness trainer, Deanee Pandey.


It is being said that Karan's mother is also not happy with the inclusion of Bipasha in their family.


Karan is still quite on the rumors as he has assured his mother to re-marry only when she will approve his choice. Now the situation just holds a stay for a while till they both try to succeed in convincing their families to be a better choice for each other.

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