Movie Review: Do Lafzon Ki Kahani

Romeo is Sooraj (Randeep Hooda) who falls for Juliet Jenny (Kajal Agarwal) in Malaysia. Based on the 2011 Korean movie, Always, the love story possesses all the necessary elements like the first gaze, drama, trials, passion and loadsheds of tears. However what it lacks is chemistry between the lead actors.

Sooraj has given up fighting and crime and is now working multiple jobs to earn a living. In one of his jobs as a parking attendant, he meets Jenny, a blind teacher. Jenny is chirpy and Sooraj is a brooder. Sooraj, battling his past, finds comfort in Jenny's positivity. The two bond over a television soap that airs from India as the clock strikes 8pm.

Suraj decides to go back into the ring with the promise of a cornea transplant that will restore Jenny’s sight. The twists and turns in the story which lead to the “happy ending” is what will keep the audiences fascinated. A downtrotten fighter redeems himself and heals through the medium of love.

Both Randeep and Kajal clock in strong performances. Once again, the movie lacks the Shahrukh-Kajol or the Amitabh-Rekha chemistry that would make it complete. The locales of Malaysia provide a refreshing and befitting backdrop to the story. Director Deepak Tijory has tried very hard to redeem himself as a director through a story of redemption. However he has taken the rules of making a love story too seriously. He has accomodated every cliche he could find in the book of Bollywood, and tried to book the audiences. The music is melodious and a little too mushy for its own good.

The movie is old wine presented in a new bottle. It could provide some change from the action flicks or comedies we have experienced recently in cinema.