MP youngster breathes new zest for life after nose job

Indore: A youngster in Ujjain district of Madhya Pradesh breathes a new zest for life after a team of Indore surgeons successfully operated on him to fix a new nose on his face. The new organ was made entirely from body tissue and cartilage harvested from 12-year-old Arun Patel's own body. Arun was forced to put up with rather grotesque looks ever since his nose tissues began to waste due to a disease at the age of three months.  The youngster, a resident of Matana village, was brought to Indore by his family members around a year back for nose reconstruction surgery.  Doctors first cultivated extra tissues on the youngster's forehead for nearly three months and harvested a piece of cartilage from his chest area to forge a new nose. Once a normal nose was grown on Arun's forehead, it was transplanted on his face at its proper place.  The whole process took around a year, said Dr Ashwani Das who was a member of the medical team that treated the youngster.