'Mr Modi is angry with everybody, not only me,' says Rahul

New Delhi, May 10: Congress President Rahul Gandhi was at his candid best at the last leg of the Karnataka Election campaign. The election campaign has become a war of words and wits. The Congress president breaks his silence. Here are the highlights of his address in Bengaluru:

-Mr Modi has got anger inside of him. He is angry with everybody, not only me. I am a lightning rod for anger, I attract anger. But that is his problem. It is not my problem, " said Congress President Rahul Gandhi in Bengaluru.

- Throughout last 15 years, I've been visiting temples, mosques, gurudwaras, every religious institution I come across. BJP doesn't like this. I don't think they understand meaning of the term Hindu. It's a perspective. It's something which lives with you throughout.

- Atrocities against women is absolutely a political and a national issue. Mr Modi likes to discuss bullet train and other issues but does not like to discuss fundamental issues.

-We had said that Dalits are being beaten up and oppressed when Rohith Vemula is killed, Modi Ji doesn't say a word. When Dalits are killed and humiliated in other parts of India, Modi Ji doesn't say anything. Congress will defend the rights of Dalits and raise this issue.

-Whatever comes out of PM's mouth is what is actually in his heart. He is absolutely convinced now, and he is right, that he is going to lose Karnataka, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and he is going to lose 2019.

-My mother is Italian, she also lived larger part of her life in India. She is more Indian than many Indians I see. My mother sacrificed for this country, she has suffered for it. It shows the quality of the PM when he makes these types of comments: Rahul Gandhi on PM's remarks