MS Dhoni tells The Untold Story: “I was treated like a terrorist after 2007 WC loss”

New York: Indian ODI team captain MS Dhoni  has said that a section of the media treated him like a terrorist or a murderer after team’s early exit in the 2007 World Cup.  He is in America to promote the film ‘MS Dhoni: The Untold Story’.

He recalled the harrowing time when the team had returned home from W Indies in 2007 after the WC loss.  “At that point of time, when we landed, we had to get out in a police van. I was sitting next to Viru paaji. It was evening or night time. We were travelling at a decent speed - 60 or 70 kms - and that's quite a bit for India, that too on the narrow roads. And, you know, media cars around us with their cameras and the big lights on top, it felt as if we had committed a big crime, maybe like a murderer or terrorist or something. We were actually chased by them”.

Dhoni went on add that the reactions against him and team  had a big impact on him. “After a while, we entered a police station. We went there, we sat for a while and then we left in our cars after 15-20 minutes. That actually had a big impact on me and I channelised the aggression to become a better cricketer and a better human being,” MS Dhoni added. 
People had also pelted stones at his house in Ranchi then.