Music, movie marathon: What TV stars do on rainy days

Mumbai: TV stars like Deepika Singh, Kunal Jaisingh and Roop Durgapal like to enjoy the little drops of joy in the form of rain by indulging in hot snacks, playing romantic numbers and watching movies back-to-back. Here's what the celebs like to do when it starts pouring: Deepika Singh: Listening to music on a rainy day is perhaps one thing that one can do. I like to play my rainy day playlist which features one of my loved songs "Tip tip barsa pani" from movie "Mohra". Tea coupled with home-cooked hot snacks or fried items make rainy day a memorable one.  Karan Patel: Who doesn't love a rain shower? I am not too fond of any such music when it's raining. But the rain shower never gets old and the fun never ceases to attract you. Tanya Sharma: After months of sweltering heat and humidity, rains are quite a refreshing change. Mumbai, during the rains, seems like a fairy tale. If you haven't walked down the famous Marine Drive during rains, you haven't had the pleasure of enjoying the rain in the real sense. Make sure you are present there during a high tide. Enjoy that splash of water on you. Also enjoy some Vada Pav, Batata Vada, Bhel or Sev Puri.  Sehban Azim: Rains are my favourite as the weather becomes so soothing, tree becomes greener and beautiful. I end up having more tea or coffee while I sit next to my window peeping outside. Kishore Kumar's songs like "Bheegi bheegi raaton mein" simply defines the feeling. This season feels like a season to recharge your mind, body and soul and I feel, it does the same to nature. Kunal Jaisingh: There are so many Bollywood rain songs that you are forced to have a rainy day playlist. I like to enjoy it with a cup of coffee and some light comfort snacks like Bhajiyas, Vada Pav and Bhel. I also feel monsoon is important as that's how our lakes fill up.  Roop Durgapal: Rain and music have a magical connection. Even I enjoy singing sitting next to my window and looking out at showers with a cup of green tea. Songs like "Rimjhim gire saawan" and "Baarish" are my all-time favourite. I also love taking a walk when it's not raining too heavily. A rainy day is perfect day to start a movie marathon.