Muslims should not be allowed more than 2 childs..BJP MLA shocker

Jaipur, Jan 1: In a major embarrassment for the BJP, a party MLA stoked a fresh Hindu-Muslim row with a controvesial statement. The party MLA from Rajasthan said that the Muslims are deliberately producing more children as they want to rule India by sidelining Hindu majority.     

"Hindus giving birth to only one or two children and are worried about educating them.But, Muslims are worried about how to take over the nation by increasing their population. Education and development have no significance for them. Its my personal opinion," said BJP MLA from Alwar BL Singhal

Singhal added that the Muslims want to dominate the country by having Muslim President, PM and CMs in all states. He called upon the government to have a uniform two-child law for Hindus and Muslims.