My hair is my life's bane: Jennifer Aniston

Los Angeles: Actress Jennifer Aniston says her hair is like the “bane” of her life. The 47-year-old actress insists she always has trouble with her tresses and that she is "always" working on ways to make it look good, reports "It's funny because my hair is, like, the bane of my life. I'm always thinking about how to tame it. I always think it's too dry, too frizzy, too kinky and it's, like, everyone loves it. The team and hairstylists -- I owe it all to them. I can't take credit,” LOOK magazine quoted Aniston as saying. The “Cake” actress, who is married to Justin Theroux, credits her good looks to "confidence". "I'm pretty confident. It's just age and beauty. Beauty reflects confidence and keeps it going, you know? I guess you reach a point of peace with it all. My confidence has definitely built up over the years,” she said.