Myanmar carrying out media reform to get in touch with people

Naypyidaw :Myanmar's new government is systematically carrying out state media reforms in a bid to get close to its people as part of its 100-day programme since taking office, Information Minister U Pe Myint said on Thursday.

The minister said that under the changing situation, state media not only presents the government's view but also listens to the voice of the people, Xinhua news agency reported. He disclosed that reform on state broadcasting and TV media will be carried out gradually. He also revealed that libraries in townships will be transformed into community centres to enable people to discuss their social affairs . For the print media, he recalled that the previous government eased some restriction allowing weekly journal, daily newspaper for publication. The Information Minister also said that individual foreign media were restricted to operate but there was no problem for the foreign media to run in joint venture with Myanmar counterparts under Myanmar Foreign Investment Law already in place. The previous government in August 2012 exempted all private publications from scrutiny before publishing, which was a major step of its media reform to ensure more press freedom in the country.