Suicide bombings are okay if a country is at war: Zakir Naik

Mumbai: Claiming his statements were doctored and tampered out of context, controversial televangelist Zakir Naik on Friday said he unequivocally condemned all terrorist activities.

He slammed the brutal attack in France and said ‘suicide bombing where innocents are killed is haraam (prohibited).’ He, however, added that many scholars say ‘it is permitted as a tactic of war.’ He also alleged that consuming alcohol is fine as long as it meant to save your life.  

The Islamic preacher dismissed as "misinformation" that he had ever advocated suicide bombings, saying he always condemned them since innocent people get killed and this is "anti-Islam".  "However, it (suicide attacks) may be used as a tactic of war to save the country. In all other circumstances where innocents are targeted, it is condemnable," Naik told the media via Skype from Saudi Arabia.

The Mumbai-based preacher has come under scanner after the Dhaka terror attack, where two of the terrorists were believed to have been inspired by Naik’s lectures. Subsequently, his spiritual channel Peace TV was banned in Bangladesh.