Naomi Campbell wows fans with yoga moves

Los Angeles, June 18  (IANS) Supermodel Naomi Campbell has wowed fans with her video on social media, which sees her elegantly move into various positions during her at home yoga session.

In the footage Campbell can be seen stretching out her long limbs and contorting her body, as she stretches her back backwards whilst touching her head with her toes, walks her slender legs along the alcove wall in her home, before entering into a split position in the air, reports

She captioned the clip: "Yoga time."

And Campbell's post has left her fans in awe of her.

One social media user commented on the picture and wrote: "I cant believe what I am seeing. Wow!"

Whilst her other followers have admitted they are inspired to be like Campbell.

One wrote: "Hope I can do this sometime in my life (sic)."

While another commented: " ... she's 47... forty fucking seven. She's #everythinggoals (sic)."

However, this is not the first time Naomi has revealed her athletic side to her fans, as early this year she took part in a marathon for Running Hearts charity with Natasha Supernova Izabel Goulart and Polina Kitsenko.