Narendra [email protected]: Dhirubhai in 90s had said "lambi race ka ghoda che, PM bnse"

New Delhi: On his 66th birthday, Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan, Lata Mangeshkar, Tata group chairman Cyrus Mistry and a host of other  celebrities and business leaders wished PM Narendra Modi through the Narendra Modi App.   
What Amitabh said:
 " I met him in 2009 for getting 'Pa' tax free. In a simple home, his room was simple too. he took me to a theatre and we watched a film.We discussed tourism during the meeting. A week later tourism officials visited my home and requested me to work with the, Till today I am Gujarat's brand ambassador. I had requested him that no politician should meet me when I came for the shoot. When I reached Gujarat, he called me and said it is very hot and you should have a lot of water" 
What Anil Ambani said:
- In the 90s I met him for the first time when he had come over for lunch on request of  my father Dhirubhai Ambani. 
-  "After he left papa told me lambi race ka ghoda che, leader che, PM bnse (He is a leader in true sense and will be PM one day)" 
-  "Papa had read his eyes. Even at that time like Arjun he was clear about his aim)
What Lata said
- " Even while you were opposed, you kept walking on path of truth"
- " Entire world is the grip of violence. However, I am sure that with your policies you will overpower this"
What Aamir said 
- " I always pray for your good health. Wish you are always blessed with happiness

- " May this year prove to be more fruitful for you"
What Cyrus Mistry said
- " After taking over  responsibility of Tata group, I had met him in 2012 with Ratan Tata. At the meeting I learnt a new lesson on leadership"

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