Nawaz Modi Singhania on Fitness and Motherhood

One of the leading fitness experts in the country, Nawaz Modi Singhania, wife of business tycoon Gautam Singhania has many accolades to her name. Celebrating the 25th anniversary of her gym and wellness center situated at Hughes Road – ‘Body Art’, is one of the many facets to her side, including being an artist, jewellery designer, a hands-on mother and more.

She is also a person that many Bollywood celebrities consult for fitness. Having worked for so many years in the fitness line, here are some of her views on fitness, its perception and staying fit post motherhood.



On the perception of being fit:

“With each passing year, my idea and understanding of fitness has changed too. Earlier, I was just reading about it as a part of my curriculum. But, when I started working with people who have various issues and help them get fit, I am constantly living the dream.”

On fitness, motherhood and teaching kids about health:

“At home, we have certain rules. I say home, because what the kids eat outside is out of my control. On a daily basis, one has to eat three fruits, which cannot be the same as the ones to be eated over the next two days; they have to rotate. The portion should be of the size of the fist of the individual. I encourage my family members to eat a fruit instead of drinking its juice, as the fibre content is lost in the process. I also encourage consuming five to six different types of vegetables daily. It isn’t as hard as it sounds; vegetables go into soups, pulses, Mickey Mouse shaped cutlets and so on.”

“I have realised that when you give the reins to someone else, you don’t often follow, but when the reins are in your hands, you are often bound to take the right decision.”