Need Gangtok-like sidewalks in Delhi: Sikkim MP

New Delhi: The death of a pedestrian, who was left bleeding for hours by the roadside here after he was knocked down by a speeding vehicle, has moved Sikkim MP P.D. Rai to put out a tweet lamenting the city's "apathy and misgovernance" and exhorting the need for safer pedestrian spaces in Delhi, the way Gangtok has. “Apathy and misgovernance -- MG Marg in Gangtok is what is needed! 90 minutes that disgraced Delhi,” Rai, who belongs to Sikkim Democratic Front and is the lone Sikkim MP in parliament, tweeted Friday. MG Marg is the city centre of Sikkim's capital and a popular promenade. It is a vehicle-free zone that allows unhindered indulgence for pedestrians. Gangtok also has designated pedestrian sidewalks and walkways and traffic is strictly monitored with deterrent fines for overtaking and speeding on narrow hill roads.  Rai's comment follows the shocking death of Matbool in west Delhi's Subhash Nagar area on Wednesday morning. Matbool, an e-rickshaw driver and part-time security guard, bled to death on the road after being hit by a speeding goods auto-rickshaw from behind. Like millions of others in Delhi, he was forced to walk on the road as the pavement was encroached upon with parked cars and vendors or, as in most places, simply did not exist.  Matbool, a milk supplier who hailed from West Bengal, lay on the road unattended for almost an hour till the police were informed. He was declared brought dead to hospital due to excessive bleeding. He used to live with his family in Tihar village of west Delhi, police said. -IANS