Neil Nitin demands stronger laws against animal cruelty

New Delhi: Actor Neil Nitin Mukesh, who has campaigned against joyrides on elephants, says there is a need for stronger laws and penalties against those who inflict cruelty on animals. Just last month, a video of a dog being thrown down from a multi-storey building in Bengaluru became viral on the internet. Asked if the country needs stricter laws for animal protection, Neil said over phone from Mumbai: "Yes (there should be stricter laws against animal cruelty). I really believe that we must definitely have some kind of penalty or action taken against those who are (harming animals)."  Neil, who is an ardent animal lover and a supporter of animal rights organisation People for Ethical Treatment of Animals, says he was disturbed after saw the video of a dog being thrown form the top of a multi-storeyed building.  "I voiced my opinion about that also," he said and added that people who commit such crimes against the voiceless should be punished in the same way.  "I think people should be punished probably in the same way so that they understand that it's a form of life. Just because you don't understand the bark, doesn't mean that the dog isn't going through the pain," he added.