Nepal's PM Oli wins vote of confidence

Kathmandu, March 11:Chief Secretary refused to accept Budget-related files: Kejriwal Nepal's Prime Minister K. P. Sharma Oli won a vote of confidence by a two-thirds majority on Sunday during a floor test in Parliament. Oli was appointed the Prime Minister 25 days ago.

The Nepal Congress decided to sit in the opposition saying it will see the performance of the government for another 100 days and will take all possible steps if the government tries to become authoritarian.

While questioning the intent of the government in seeking a two-thirds vote as it had already secured a majority, Nepali Congress leader Gagan Thapa warned Oli "not to dream to become Li Kuan Yew of Singapore in the name of two-third majority".

In the 275 seat Federal Parliament, 268 votes were cast and Oli received 208 votes. 

The move came as a surprise to many as Oli and the Madhesi parties did share "acrimonious" relations in the past where Madhes based parties used to depict him as an "anti-Madhesi" leader.

After the vote, the communist government has a two-thirds majority, for the first time in the post-1990 era after the restoration of democracy.

Among the 10 parties and an independent representing the Lower House, Oli is widely expected to garner support of six parties and the independent lawmaker. 

The Prime Minister on Sunday said that there is nothing like a ruling party or opposition when it comes to the nation's prosperity.

"National development campaign does not belong to only ruling party, but it is a common journey. The campaign maybe led by the ruling party or me in the capacity of Prime Minister," he said while addressing a parliamentary meeting.

He pledged to work for the welfare and aspirations of the people, while stressing the need for developing agriculture, trade, energy, for creating the base for the prosperity of the country.