NEVER EVER buy these things in Dharteras, it'll make you poor

New Delhi, Oct 16: Dhanteras is round the corner and it is directly related to prosperity and money. But you have to be very careful before you decide what to buy. Dhanteras is one occasion when, as the tradition goes, people buy new things. But one should know what to buy and if you buy wrong things, the opposite will happen to you. So we bring you the list of things which will serve as a guidelines as to what to buy and what not to buy. 

First we tell you what not to buy:

-Never buy sharp objects like knife, scissors.

-Never buy alumunium utensils as they invite the wrath of Rahu.

-Same way don't buy glass utensils, this too incites Rahu's wrath.

-Also don't buy utensils made of iron, this invites wrath of Shani.

What you should buy:

-You should buy gold and silver. Buying gold and silver coins is equally good.

-It is best to buy diamond jwelery. And it is best if the woman of the house buys diamonds from her own hand.