Never reheat these foods!

New Delhi: Reheating your food must have been your way of life. If it's Saturday night when you want to clean out your fridge, or you want to turn your leftovers from last night into a whole new meal, our microwaves are our handy kitchen companions. But research depicts that reheating some of your favorite foods can be dangerous to your health as they can turn toxic and can cause potential havoc to your health. Here we give a list of seven foods that you should always avoid to reheat: 

1) Potatoes: Potatoes can easily lose their nutritional value if it is reheated. Even if you let potatoes rest at room temperature for a longer duration they can actually become toxic and cause nausea or illness, and even food poisoning in some cases. 

2) Rice: Rice has emerged as one of the favorite dish of many all over the globe. But, are you aware that this favorite dish can become really dangerous for your health if reheated? Yes, it is true! The way you store rice can lead to various problems as raw rice contains spores that get turned in bacteria which can easily survive even after the rice is cooked. When the cooked rice is left at room temperature, these can multiply and can easily produce toxins that may cause diarrhea and vomiting.

3) Eggs: A morning staple and powerhouse of protein, reheating eggs at a high temperature can easily turn them toxic which can cause serious problems in your digestive tract.

4) Chicken: Just like mushrooms, chicken is believed to very rich in proteins, which can cause adverse impact to your health upon reheating. This can actually cause serious digestive issues. If you really want to reheat cooked chicken, you can do that at low temperature for a longer duration. The best way to consume stored chicken is to put it in a cold salad or a cold sandwich. 

5) Spinach: Spinach is considered to be highly rich in nitrates and iron like many other green leafy vegetables. However, when spinach is reheated, these nitrates can convert into nitrites and other known carcinogens (a substance capable of causing cancer in living tissue). Therefore, always avoids reheating it. 

6) Mushrooms: Mushrooms are very rich in proteins. After they are cooked, they should be consumed the same day. As they are enriched with proteins, their structure changes when reheated, which can be harmful to our body. When you eat reheated mushrooms, you put yourself at risk of digestive and even serous heart problems.

7) Celery: Celery has a high presence of nitrate content, thus, it can easily turn toxic if you reheat it. Nitrate converts into nitrites once reheated. When too many nitrites enter the body, it increases the risk of methemoglobinemia. It's a condition in which the nitrites in your blood interact with hemoglobin and iron, making them incapable to carry oxygen to your living cells. The complications may include seizure or even death.


So, when you see the above foods now, make sure that you do not reheat them in order to get their best result. 


News24 Bureau/Agencies