Newly-wed Priyanka ran away from her in law's house to get a toilet constructed

New Delhi, March 8: Newly-wed young Priyanka Bharti introduced a big social revolution by opposing her husband’s family when they asked her to defecate in the open. And with this, Priyanka began a major movement to ensure proper sanitation facilities for women in her village and all nearby villages. Her efforts led to the making of the film "Toilet: Ek Prem Katha". 

When Priyanka reached her in-laws’ house after marriage in Uttar Pradesh’s Maharajganj district in April 2012, she was told to defecate in the open by her mother in law who said to her, "We all defecate in the open and so must you." 

As a 19-year old bride, Priyanka, left her sister in law's house, little did she know that she had just launched a silent revolution against open defecation.

Priyanka says that the lack of a toilet in the house was a big challenge for her. Expected to meekly obey her mother-in-law and live as other members of the family and village did, Priyanka did just the opposite.

Priyanka left her in-laws’ house two days later with a pledge that unless a toilet is built she wouldn’t return. 

As the news of a newly-wed bride running away from her home for the lack of a toilet spread across villages, Sulabh International, one of India’s largest organizations in the work of sanitation, got involved. The officials at Sulabh heard about her protest and adopted her cause as a way to promote better public health through proper sanitation facilities.

They helped with the construction of a proper toilet in her husband Amarjeet’s house and also felicitated her with an award of Rs. 2 lakhs. After the construction of the toilet got finished, Priyanka’s father-in-law Ramjiut, called her up, asking her to return and, along with mother-in-law Tatra Devi, husband Amarjeet and the entire Vishnupur Khurd village in Maharajganj district (roughly 60 km north of Gorakhpur district), welcomed her with great pomp and show.

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