News24 Editor-in-Chief will share her healthy recipes..Watch Sehat Ki Rasoi only on News24

New Delhi, Sep 10: She is a journalist par excellence. Top politicians sweat when she grills them with incisive questions. She is News24 Editor-in-Chief Anurradha Prasad. We all know about her grilling abilities as far as journalism is concerned. What we do not know is the fact that she is equally adept to grilling in the cookery sense too. She has now decided to share her healthy recipes with you. Book your date now and get an insight into the culinary skills of this media tycoon. So don't forget to watch "Sehat Ki Rasoi" at 1:28 pm only on News24 on Tuesday September 11. What she will cook, is a secret that will only be out at the above mentioned  date and time.    The forthcoming episodes would not only celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi with healthy steamed modak, showcase a unique Lady of the house and home chef pair, but News24 Anchor Sakshi Joshi and Vandana Jha, apart from Anurradha Prasad, cook healthy recipesBAG Films Network's twin channels, News24 & E24 enter the third successful week of the first ever daily cookery show on any news channel, "Sehat Ki Rasoi". The show is first of its kind cookery show based on healthy and tasty recipes, that are straight from the homes of the ladies appearing on the show. The show has a unified blend of health and taste with a very balanced approach towards using traditional ingredients, methods with modern appliances. The episodes of Sehat Ki Rasoi have women from all walks of life, contributing through unique recipes, home secrets, food tips, and sharing their experiences with the anchor Geetika Ganju Dhar who has a varied experience of lifestyle television. The show has till now seen women associated with organic farming, food blogging, youtubing, food hacking, food writing and cultural history add spice to the show with their traditional and fusion recipes, cooking on the set of Sehat Ki Rasoi. The show also has a daily recipe contest for the audience.On one hand viewers can get once again acquainted with traditional grains and millets and learn how to cook easy to make, modern recipes with these wonder grains, on the other hand women cook delicious festive dishes from Indian super food with healthy methods. Viewers would also get a glimpse of original recipes curated and created by the ladies who have used special ingredients that are nutritious and healthy for the mind, body and soul, like the Soya Chukander, Rajgire Ki Kadhi, Nachni Idlis, Wheat Muffins, Oats Khichdee, Shakarkandi Cutlets, Detox Drinks, Wheat Noodles & Pasta, Paniyaram Koftas etc.A show spanning 8 weeks, 40 episodes and 120 healthy recipes, Sehat Ki Rasoi, is telecast at 1:28 pm on News24 Channel and 2:28 pm on E24 Channel, with weekend repeats.

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