News24 Exclusive: Why VIP treatment to BJP neta, murderer of 250 cows?

New Delhi: In an exclusive investigation conducted by News24 a shocking revelation has come to light. When the News24 team went into the police station where  Harish Verma was kept in custody they were stopped from carrying the camera insid. Nonetheless, a secret camera was very much in place. The team entered but to the bewilderment of all, Harish Verma was nowhere to be seen. When coaxed with queries the police could not come out with a convincing response which upped the ante. Harish Verma is being accorded a special 'VIP treatment' inside the police station and the scene there was telling the entire story, loud and clear.

As reported by News24 earlier in a shocking incident more than 200 cows died in a Guashala run by a BJP leader in Chattisgarh. The medical report says that the deaths were caused due to starvation and lack of medicines. The caretaker of the Gaushala was arrested on Friday after the report was aired on News24. BJP leader Harish Verma, the man who runs the show had falsely attributed these deaths to a wall collapsed two days back.  More than 900 cows were living in an area which had the maximum capacity of 250 cows. This cow shelter was run by a Bhartiya Janta Party leader.

The local residents have claimed that more than 200 cows have died because of lack of medicines and food. This BJP leader belonged to cow shelter BJP leader belonged to Rajpur village of Chhattisgarh’s Durg district.

The officials figure is of 27 starvation-related deaths. But the villagers vehemently deny this, and have further divulged that nearly 200 cows have been buried near the shelter. The carcasses have also been found in the vicinity. MK Chawala , deputy director , veterinary department of Durg district reportedly said that the apparent reason behind these deaths seem to be lack of fodder. The post-mortem of 27 cows have already been done. 

Another 50 cows who are in a very critical situation are being treated. The doctors fear that the number will rise. 

A local sub-divisional magistrate (SDM) , Rajesh Ratre, said the exact death figures are yet to ascertained and investigation was on, but he agreed to the version of the villagers an said their claims have merit.

Verma says that despite repeated requests made to the government nothing has been done. He expressed his helplessness in feeding so many cows.