News24 Impact: A medical board will see how 'sick' is Brajesh Thakur

New Delhi, August 6, Amitabh Ojha:: Doctors had claimed that Muzaffarpur Shelter Home main accused Brajesh Thakur has the right to treatment. It was said that Thakur's blood pressure was fluctuating, had a high sugar level and slip disc. After a report by News24, the state government has decided to constitute a medical board to see if he at all needed the hospital facility. Ever since he has been arrested, he has not spent a night in jail. A medical team arrives at Shaheed Khudiram Bose Central Jail for the medical examination of accused Brajesh Thakur, who is currently lodged there.Thakur has been lodged in a hospital for slip disc, high blood sugar levels, and fluctuating blood pressure that can lead to a heart attack.Muzaffarpur Jail Superintendent, Rajiv Kumar Jha told media, "If doctors say keep him in jail hospital, what can we do? He may have done any crime, but that does not mean we do not give him proper treatment. That is his right. What if he dies then you will say he died as part of some conspiracy?"News24 had run a story questioning these claims made by the accused and supported by the jail authorities.Brajesh Thakur, who is the prime accused in the case is a newspaper owner, a local power broker and the man who ran the shelter where the 34 girls, most of them children, were allegedly sexually assaulted.The CBI inquiry of Muzaffarpur shelter home case will now be monitored by the Patna High Court. "State government's written argument was presented before Patna HC today which court has accepted. Court has also accepted state government's appeal to hold HC-monitored CBI inquiry and conduct speedy trials in special court, said Lalit Kishore, Advocate General of Patna High Court.