News24 Special: Patients are welcomed by bouncers not docs

New Delhi: A shocking story by News24 exposes the most insensitive part of hospitals in the national capital of Delhi.  Little did Ankit know that he will be rewarded this way for taking an old man Satveer Singh, whom he did not even know, to the hospital. Instead of getting applause for saving a life, he was thrashed by the bouncers in the hospital. The whole story unfolds thus:

A kind-hearted youth Ankit saw an old man lying on the road. Ankit was on a bike. He stopped to help that man and took him to the nearest ,  Deen Dayal Upadhyaya  hospital. At the parking he was stopped by the bouncers, but Ankit avoided the conflict as his priority was the old man who needed medical care immediately. After admitting the man, when he came back to pick his bike he was surrounded by 10-12 bouncers. Ankit was shocked and before he could say something he was punched, thrashed and beaten black and blue.

He then called his brother and it was discovered that the bouncers hit him so badly tthat his feet and hands were fractured.

When News24 reporter reached the spot and talked to others in the vicinity,it was discovered that the bouncers had hit many other people also on several occasions. Does one conclue then that at Deen Dayal Upadhyay hospital one is welcomed by rowdy bouncers and not by kind doctors?

What are bouncers doing in a hospital? Watch this developing story on News24 as your channel asks some uncomfortable questions.

News24Bureau (Report ny Javed Hussian)