Nicole Scherzinger gets 'ideas' while running

Los Angeles, March 14 - Singer Nicole Scherzinger has revealed that the most "interesting" ideas come to her when she is out running. "If I don't have time to workout, but want to do something active, I always run. Not only am I getting fit but I often get lost in my own ideas and I get to be so creative and come up with the most interesting things," Scherzinger told OK! Magazine, reports But if she wants to bond with other people, the 37-year-old says she opts for a tough spinning class. "A spinning class is also a great alternative as I feel there's a collaborative effort with everyone taking part in the class. I always try to work out in the morning too, so I don't procrastinate and it gets done," she said. Scherzinger never "deprives" herself of the foods she wants to eat, but she makes sure she doesn't overindulge. She said: "When I have time, I love to cook and eat Mexican food, pasta and truffles - I don't believe in depriving yourself as then you build up a real urge to have it. "But I believe in everything in moderation and working out to keep fit. Try to eat smaller portions, but eat often, I would also avoid eating late at night, so your body has time to digest before you go to bed. I always try to eat fresh, so eat things you know are clean."