Nintendo's app based game launched in Japan

New York: Kyoto-based video-game giant Nintendo launched "Miitomo" -- its first ever app that lets users create a cartoon-like character that plays games and socialises with other players. Currently only available in Japan, the smartphone application lets users create avatars called "Miis" and customise them with different hairstyles, facial features, outfits, accessories and more, Tech Crunch reported on Thursday.  A user can even give Mii a nickname, customise how it speaks and choose its personality. Moreover, a Mii can be created using a photo taken from smartphone's camera. An in-game shop lets a user buy more items for Mii like new outfits to wear.  For this purchase the user has to pay with Miitomo coins which can either be bought or won through game play. The Miis represent a user's gaming profile and are social. The app asks users "get to know you"-type questions, like "Where did you go last weekend?" or "What tv show are you watching?" or "What was your most recent purchase," for example. After you have answered some questions, your Mii ventures out into the game's world, meets up with other Miis, and exchanges answers, the report said. Beyond chatting the Miis can be placed into photos, which can be customised and shared on social media. In addition to the social aspect, Miitomo includes a mini game called Miitomo Drop. Miitomo is on both iOS and Android and but will be launched in the US soon.