Nissan India Makes 1.0-litre Diesel Engine

Nissan India Makes 1.0-litre diesel Engine

Nissan India has reportedly developed a 1.0-litre 3-cylinder diesel powerhouse. The news comes at a time when Datsun, a brand owned by Nissan, is about to launch the Redi-GO. The entry-level hatch will deploy a 1.0-litre engine with 0.8-litre petrol, and now it is highly anticipated that this 1.0-litre diesel will find space in the Datsun offering.

Datsun Redi-GO

The newly manufactured engine will be the smallest in Nissan’s diesel portfolio. Autocar Professional reports that it will churn out 55bhp of power. Renault is also going to launch a 1.0-litre motor for its offering, the KWID, and now it remains to be seen if it will borrow the same from Nissan. In case it does, we cannot rule out the possibility of Renault enhancing the power figures by giving it a different tune.

 Renault KWID

The CMF-A platform, on which both the KWID and the Redi-GO are based, was not made to have a diesel motor according to a source familiar with the developments. The two partners (Nissan and Renault) have now decided to modify the plan. "In its original plan, CMF-A was not designed to have a diesel engine, but there have been discussions between Renault and Nissan regarding modifying the strategy to be able to have a diesel model,” the source was quoted as saying.


Nissan India Makes 1.0-litre Diesel Engine