No filmmaker can function without Google: Karan Johar

Mumbai: Filmmaker Karan Johar says that no filmmaker can function without the features of the popular search engine Google as movies are all about research. "We are always researching; when we make movies it's all about research - emotional research, historical research, sometimes just modality research. I think that there is no filmmaker who can function without the functions of Google," Karan said while hosting a show to announce Google's new search experiences for the Indian film industry. At the event, Karan interacted with some of the senior officials of the company just like he interacts with the celebrities from the film industry in his popular show "Koffee With Karan". "We spoke about what kind of impact Bollywood has on Google. Bollywood and Google definitely has a relationship. All our search engines go towards Bollywood, Google being such a large platform. "I always say that Google is like your mom; it has all the answers and sometimes answers that you may not want to read but they have the answers, and some harsh realities of your life and career pop up all the time. So it's all like really you don't want to go there, but you have to, because it is available to the world. "And what's also amazing is that it is your one-stop shop. That's the only way that I can really describe Google. Google is now also become a part of our daily parlance; it's almost like 'hello' and 'good morning', 'Google it', it's as simple. I think that's fantastic; one big brand that becomes a part of your day in an extraordinary way," he said. Karan has had his share of ups and downs in his careers with big hits like "Kuch Kuch Hota Hai" and the same time, disasters like "Bombay Velvet". "I absolutely love Google, who doesn't, we all love Google. Look me up and you'll find all my box-office hits on Google; what you will also find are my box-office disasters," he said. Karan's next film is "Ae Dil Hai Mushkil" starring Ranbir Kapoor, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Anushka Sharma.