No helmet, no puja!

New Delhi, Jan 16: To encourage the youth to carry helmet Maa Sarala temple management, abiding by police instructions, implemented the "no helmet-no puja" policy. They simply won't perform the puja rituals to vehicle owners, who had turned up without the safety gear. This is being one with a view to decreasing the road fatalities in two-wheelers. Accoeding to reports, the police held talk with the temple managements across the district. They have consented to abide by the police instructions, said Jagatsinghpur police superintendent Jay Narayan Pankaj.

Paying regard to the police initiative, the priests have refused the bikers, who visited the shrine without helmets. The helmet-less bikers later revisited the temple for puja with helmets.  "We are happy to know that temple priests have joined hands with in the road safety drive. The management of other temples in the district has consented to take cue from "no helmet-no puja" principle of the Maa Sarala temple," said Pankaj.

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