No more waiting, get a UK visa at your desired place

New Delhi: Want to apply for visa? No need to step out of your homes as VFS Global, an agency to whom several countries have outsourced visa issuance, has launched its on-demand mobile visa facility in India. VFS is providing service to the equipment to applicants for collecting bio-metric information along with a visa submission officer to any location of their choice. The service named as "on-demand mobile visa" has already begun with the operation across India for UK visas. The service is also available in United Arab Emirates. While, countries like Hungary, Denmark and Slovenia have also given their nod to VFS,  which is expected to start the facility in a few months time. "High net worth individuals, large groups and those going for meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (MICE) have long been asking for a hassle-free experience where all the processes can be completed at a place of their choice, like their home or office," VFS Global COO (South Asia) Vinay Malhotra was quoted as saying by TOI. An average cost for VFS service (which is in addition to the regular visa fees) is £750 (about Rs 70,500 at the current exchange rate) for a group of 10 visitors. Any incremental visitor will be charged an average of £75 (Rs 7,050) additionally, Viany told the English daily, adding, "VFS is ready to provide visa-on-demand service for individuals too, but the price structure for the service is yet to be worked out." The facility will be very serviceable for people living in town who do not have a visa center and have to travel to the nearest city where the visa center is situated. At present, 16 Indian cities have VFS visa centers.

News24 Bureau