No waiting lists in train reservation by 2020: Suresh Prabhu on #News24Conclave

New Delhi: Bestowing relief upon hundreds of thousand commuters, Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu on Saturday said that the government would do way with the waiting lists in train reservation by 2020.


In the third session of News24 Conclave marking two years of Modi governance, Suresh said that there are more travellers than trains — the demand is more than the supply. “However, by 2020 the waiting lists will be done away and you’ll get the tickets when you want.”


When questioned about the government’s fascination with the Bullet train, Mr. Prabhu said that this is as vital as other aspects. “Increase in speed will help foster economic development. High speed railway isn’t just a project, it will affect entire railway system as a whole.

“Every aspect is looked at with even concern. Speed, safety, customer satisfaction: all segments have their own significance,” he added.


Addressing the issue of trains being late on a regular pattern, Prabhu said that there are more trains than the tracks available. “First and foremost, we need to lay down new tracks so as to improve the present situation. However, as a short-term redressal, we are planning to add 2-3 more coaches into the trains.”


Talking about the safety in railways, Suresh Prabhu said that he has requested all the state government in writing to look into the matter. He added that the Railways have integrated geospatial technology signal so that people could well be aware of unmanned crossing.

Reported and Edited by: Mayank Mohanti
News24 Bureau