Nostalgia: 10 years of Chak De India!

New Delhi: Directed by Shimit Amin, Chak De India has been one of the best sports movies produced by Indian cinema. There is absolutely no doubt that the Yash Raj Film's production is incredible. The romantic king of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan proved himself to be extra ordinary by shifting from romantic roles to tough ones, given the right type of scripts. 

In various media conferences, SRK has unintentionally confessed that 'Chak De India' has been one of his best work in the industry.

In a video shared by Yash Raj Films, celebrating 10 years of the evergreen hit movie, Chak De India, Shah Rukh Khan said “Chak De India completed 10 years but to me it still feels like as if it was only yesterday when the film got made. released. Not because I don’t keep a track that it has already been 10 years, but whenever there is a sports event, and we celebrate the win of our country, they still play our song, “Chak De India”. You really feel like it has happened just now. I cannot call it the sporting anthem of the nation, but nevertheless, it gives that kind of a feel,"

He further expressed and stated “Funny thing, before I made that film I promised my son (Aryan Khan) that I will teach him how to play hockey, since my father also taught me how to play hockey, so I wanted to pass it on to my son too. That’s also one of the main reasons why I felt that this movie should be made. He asked me how do you play it. I replied that there is a stick and a white ball. But right at that moment, I couldn't’t find a stick and a ball. But he (Aryan) said he already learned the game and took me to a room and showed me the billiard game. Then I felt my own son had such little knowledge about hockey so to be a part of a film, which perhaps would teach our children what our national sport…as an actor I am extremely thankful it ( Chak De India) happened."