Not introspection but major surgery: Digvijay Singh on poll debacle

Soon after its defeats in recently held assembly polls in Kerala and Assam, the Congress received searing, unsolicited advice from one of its senior leaders.

Congress leader Digvijaya Singh tweeted, "Today's results disappointing but not unexpected. We have done enough Introspection shouldn't we go for a Major Surgery ?"

The tweet was posted not long after party president Sonia Gandhi's statement promising introspection on poll debacle.

"We will introspect into the reasons for our loss and will rededicate ourselves to the service of the people with greater vigour", Mrs Gandhi said.

After another devastating day of defeats, the statement caused unease even within the Congress ranks.

The Congress has lost Assam to the BJP and Kerala to the Left Front. It is left with just one major state - Karnataka - and effectively rules over only six per cent of India.

In Tamil Nadu and West Bengal, the party's partnerships, formed in desperation, failed.

Shashi Tharoor, a Congress parliamentarian from Kerala, also suggested that the party needs to "move beyond this cliched introspection business into some serious action."