Now a website that serves religious tourism

New Delhi: A new web platform has introduced integrated travelling services for devotees, tourists and seasoned travellers who desire to travel to any religious destination in India. is designed to provide customers with an organised spiritual travel solution that can be customised, based on the needs, questions and satisfaction of a traveller, managing every step of their travel plan. Jatin Arora, Co-founder and Director of Religious Trip, said in a statement: "Travelling makes people see things in a new light or from a new perspective. While some choose to travel to exotic locations, there’s another group who may choose to go on a pilgrimage or visit a religious place either to restore their beliefs or find spiritual peace." "Thus, to enable better-travelling solutions specifically for the latter, we decided to incept which could cater to their needs and further revolutionise the religious tourism industry in India.” The idea, Arora said, is to make it a one-stop shop for religious travel within India for both national and international travellers. "We intend to provide a hassle-free and comfortable travel experience pan India for all our revered customers at affordable prices," he added.