Now Mohd Hanif, father of rifleman Aurangzeb, reacts to Sidhu's Pakistan journey

New Delhi, August 21, News24 Bureau: Mohammad Hanif, father of rifleman Aurangzeb has reacted to Navjot Singh Sidhu's Pakistan journey and has come out in his defence. He says clearly that there is nothing wrong in this and that the two country heads should consider walking on the path of peace.
"Sidhu saab met Pak Army Chief, I think he(Pak Army Chief) should also meet us. I'd like to say to Imran Khan that if they take a step forward towards us we'll take 100 steps towards them," said an emotional looking Mohd Hanif, who is the father of rifleman Aurangzeb. Aurangzeb was abducted and killed by terrorists in Pulwama on June 14 and there was a big uproar on this tragic episode.
Hanif went on to say, "I request PM Modi to meet Imran Khan. There should be such an understanding between the two countries that no person should be killed and both the countries should develop. Pakistan should treat our soldiers."
There was a harsh criticism on Sidhu's Pakistan visit where he had gone to attend the swearing-in ceremony of his friend and buddy Imran Khan, now the prime minister of Pakistan. Things took an uglier turn when he hugged the Pakistan Army Chief fondly and the two shared pleasantries.
So much so that Navjot Singh Sidhu had to come out with an explanation, "In the past also efforts for peace have been made, the late Vajpayee ji had taken 'dosti bus' to Lahore, invited Musharraf. PM Modi invited Nawaz Sharif to oath-taking, he also went suddenly to Lahore."
Even senior leaders of his own party did not spare him and Sidhu also reacted to this. "Many people from Congress have spoken on this including Captain Sahab. It's a democracy and everyone has the right to their opinion," said Sidhu on Punjab CM's statement against him for hugging Pakistan Army Chief
He later clarified, "I received an invitation 10 times. Then I sought permission from the Indian government, I didn't get permission and was waiting. Two days after Pakistan government gave the visa, Sushma Swaraj Ji herself called me in the night and informed that I have been given permission."