Now search, add stickers to photos like hashtags on Twitter

New York: Micro-blogging website Twitter has added a new feature that would let a user add virtual stickers to photos by just searching them like hashtags. "Twitter has given them (virtual stickers) one unique twist: you can search them like hashtags. Tap on a sticker inside a tweet and you will be taken to a new timeline that shows you how it is being used around the world," technology website The Verge reported on Tuesday. Twitter is also creating collections of stickers that are linked to the time of year and events such as New Year and Christmas. The new feature is similar to adding a sticker to a Snapchat post.  A user can resize, rotate and add multiple stickers to each post.  The feature, available for Android and iOS users, will be available to everyone soon, the company said. Twitter's management has been doing everything to get the company back on its feet.  Recently, it acquired 18-month-old London-based startup Magic Pony Technology to expand its capabilities in machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). The announcement came a week after Twitter invested $70 million in popular music streaming service SoundCloud to push its stalled growth amid rumours that technology giant Google might soon acquire the company. The 10-year-old Twitter has been facing stalled user growth and growing competition for quite some time. A sequential decline in its monthly active users (MAUs) base triggered a sharp fall in Twitter shares as the company announced its fourth quarter results recently.