NOW you will LOSE 30 kg weight in just 45 mins: See video

New Delhi, Jan 12: The enitre world is grappling from wight gains issues. We try our best to lose that extra weight but rarely get the desired result. Now there is a very big news for all those people who have been trying hard to shed those extra kilos. 

Mumbai's Global Hospital has performed a successful weight-loss surgery on January 8 and Dr Amit Maydeo performed the surgey successfully. 

The surgery helps in reducing approximately 20 to 30 kg wight. The surgery was performed successfully on Thane's resident Pushpa Kadam. 

The weight was reduces successfully via the Bariatric surgery. However, there are some complications associated with this surgery. No single cut is given in this surgery to the body and the patient can sip water after 2 hours of this surgery. The patient can also take walk within his ward after the surgery. 

The cost of this 45 minutes surgey is approximately 2 lakh 50 thousand. And after 6months, the cost is expected to come down to just Rs 70,000. Those who have grappling with weight issues can opt for this surgery.  

See the video below: