Nuclear Security Summit: India to join 'gift baskets'

Washington: India on Friday finally decided to join "gift baskets" at the Fourth Nuclear Security Summit in Washington.

While addressing a media briefing, joint secretary (disarmament and international security affairs), Amandeep Singh Gill said that 'India has decided to join some gift baskets, including those on counter nuclear smuggling and sharing best practices.'

India, which had so far refrained from joining any of these gift baskets, has finally decided to go for it.

Gill said India would join the Trilateral Initiative which is the joint statement of the previous three co-chairs of the nuclear security summit which has been circulated in the form of a document in the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

"We will also be joining three other gift baskets in priority areas like counter nuclear smuggling, the sharing of best practices through centres of excellence such as GCNEP (Global Centre for Nuclear Energy Partnership), and finally NSS follow-up through contact group in Vienna," he added.

Gift basket diplomacy involves an approach to a crucial issue where, if consensus is not reached till the lowest common denominator, then those willing can join in. In other words, it is a system of getting around the system of universal consensus at any multilateral summit.

The US had first introduced the gift basket diplomacy during negotiations in 2011 for the Second Nuclear Security Summit.

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(Image courtesy: Ministry of External Affairs)

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