Obama plans for new house after Presidency term Ends

Obama has no plans to leave Washington after his second Presidency term ends on 20 Jan 2017 and revealed that he will continue living in Washington for a couple of years in a new house so that his daughter Sasha can finish her high school. Sasha, 14, is currently a student at Sidwell Friends, the most reputed school in Washington that has educated children of many top politicians. Whereas her sister Malia, 17, have completed high school and will be joining college after her father’s presidential run ends. According to the report of National Journal, Obama has chosen 10 Kalorama Circle North West Washington which is near to Sasha’s School. New House Location Obama’s new Residential Enclave is known Kalorama Triangle, border connectivity with Connecticut Avenue, Kelwert Street, and Columbia Road. Ambassadors of Britain, European Union, France, Iceland, and Portugal live in the same area. Embassy of various countries like Turkey, Japan, South Korea, Italy, and Denmark are in the same area. Estimated value of the new house According to the report of Washington business Journal, Obama can select a new House with range between 5 million Dollars to 7 million Dollars (33 Crore-47 Crore)