Obsession with TV shows turned him into a criminal?

New Delhi: He is just 17-year-old and was recently released from a correction home for "good behaviour".

On January 31, he again killed a 67-year-old woman in south Delhi’s BK Dutt colony.

He is son of an electrician and wants to see himself as a ‘dancing star.’

In September 2015, he had kidnapped and killed a 13-year-old boy for money which he needed to participate in a popular reality dance show.

Now, reports claim that the murder of elderly woman is also related to his aspirations and obsession with reality show.

65-year-old Mithilesh Jain, who lived alone in her first-floor house in BK Dutt colony, was found dead at home on Monday. The police at first thought she had died of natural causes.

Later, when her family reported that cash, jewellery and two mobile phones were missing from Mrs Jain's house, the police began investigations into her death. An autopsy revealed that she had been strangled and finally they recovered the teen.

On being questioned, the 17-year-old allegedly told the police that he had killed the woman for money to participate in the reality dance show.

News24 Bureau