Odd-even formula to tackle fuel crisis in Northeastern India

Agartala city in India's northeastern Tripura state introduced odd-even scheme for vehicles on Thursday (July 28) to grapple with acute fuel shortage as heavy rains reduced the only route connecting it to the rest of the country to slush.

Under the rationing scheme, vehicles with odd registration numbers will get fuel only on odd dates and those with even registration numbers on even dates.


“This crisis is going on for the last one-and-a-half month and now the government has decided to introduce the odd-even system to minimize the crisis by allowing fuel to odd and even number vehicles on alternate days,” said a fuel station owner, Kailash Bhati.  

However, the scheme has done little to reduce the rush at fuel stations. People waited for as long as four hours to get their vehicles refilled even as police kept a tight vigil at the fuel stations.