Off beat career options for Indian students

New Delhi: Chartered accountant, Lawyer, Doctor or Manager- Indian parents are mesmerized with the upbeat professions. But we need to ponder upon the fact that are these the only career options available in the Indian market? Whenever you ask an Indian parent as to what their child wants to pursue as their career, one of these career options will always be their top preference. As they feel that these are the ideal professions for the Indian scenario. But is it true? In our struggle to maintain the pace with the growing economy, every parent wants their child to adopt a career that gives them economic stability. In this race to gain economic liberation, one often overlooks the other opportunities that come by. There are a plethora of career opportunities open for the students, but their lack of knowledge about the same has literally put these careers options at the verge of extinction. These are the options that have not been explored by the youth. However, if they do pursue it, they'll do wonder in their work-space. Here is a list of some of the off beat career options available in India: Calligraphy

cal Calligraphy relates to the art of writing. It allows the practitioner to showcase some of their artistic skills on the paper and write in a decorative form. Although some are aware of it but usually people dont adopt this profession as a career. A calligrapher has the ability in his hands to produce a master piece of art to symbolize a thing. It allows the company to own a particular style of writing that can be used for imprints, logo or even letter heads. Since there is no setup required for the practice, hence, a calligrapher can always opt for freelancing. Chocolatier

2282014chocolate400X300.jpg Chocolate lovers, you cannot miss this opportunity! India confectioneries are on a rise. Thus, there are a lot of vacancies in major confectionery houses. Chocolatier is one of them. As the name suggests, the main task of the chocolatier is play with the theme of chocolate and create something exquisite. Their specialization in making chocolates allow them to try and innovate recipes of chocolate laden dishes that no one has ever tasted. Well, in the end, chocolatier is an artist whose creativity is tested in every dish they prepare. Video Game Tester

video Who doesn't enjoy playing video games? In the era of video games, this job seems the most ideal one for all the video gamers. Before the Indian video gaming company launches its new set of games, it conducts a trial run. Video gamers are invited from all across the nation and are handed over with the game for analysis.  The job of the video gamer is to test the game in terms of audience participation, performance and interest levels. The feedback received from these gamers are then incorporated into the game. After making the necessary amendments, the game is finally launched in the market.  Dog Creche 

dog Dog creche is becoming one of the fastest growing trends in India.

It provides temporary shelter to the dogs of those people who cannot nurture them because of their erratic work schedule. Dog creche provides the perfect solution to dog lovers. In this fast growing economy, every individual has to work to earn their living. However, that should not stop anyone from adopting dogs. To ensure this, many pet groomers have opened up dog creche wherein working members leave their dog at the creche during the work hours and pick them up on their way back home. During that time span, pet groomers take utmost care of the little angels. To all the dog lovers, this can be your profession! Personal shoppers

Money doesn't define style. However, it can be used to hire stylists who can shop for you. That's the trend in urban cities. Everyone wants to look stylish. But their bad taste in clothes turns their expensive outfits into a mockery. Hence, to avoid this embarrassment, many urban class people are hiring young professionals who are extremely stylish and give them the freedom to shop for them. Basically they prefer to rely on the fashion sense of the professional than theirs. So, if you're style is appreciated everywhere, well then this might be the profession alter made for you!

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